Big Changes

I started my photo business, Dragonfly Digital Media, in 2000. It was a small side business to earn some cash and have fun on the side while I served as a combat camera photojournalist in the Navy. The business grew and grew. We moved from Virginia Beach to Pittsburgh. We changed the name to Dragonfly Photography as we focused less on video production and more on just portraits and weddings. We were very successful.

In 2009, I had decided that I was spending much more time hustling for work and much less time doing what I loved– photography. I was also spending less and less time with my daughter, who is the most amazing kid. So I went back to graduate school. By 2011, I was so busy with single-parenting and school, that I scaled back the photography. By 2013, after a decade of shooting I officially decided to close my formal business.

I still take photographs: occasionally still shooting weddings or helping other photographer; and even teaching a Butler County Community College or guest speak at University of Pittsburgh, CCAC and Point Park University. But I have decided that the entrepreneurial business of running a photographic service was not a calling I enjoyed anymore.

But I didn’t want to get rid of my website. I still love to shoot and share my work. I will be keeping but rolling it into my five year old blog “The Camera Chronicle.”

So come and see my journey through life through my lens.

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