Joshua “Stickler” Hudson is a person. No one special. Making things for no one in particular.

17796386_10209571251652222_3224791626049979696_nI started my adult life as a military photojournalist, public affairs specialist and videographer. I worked promoting positive military awareness and supporting military and veterans issues has had a significant impact on the community. It was a good experience, where I was able to travel and mature into a productive adult. I was able to spend every day turning my interest in creativity and storying telling through a variety of mediums.


Since retiring from the military, I was a senior executivie account manager for a marketing company; managing editor for multiple national magazines, owner of a successful photography business, taught at community college and photographer for the Tribune.

Switching careers to be come a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Buddhist teacher, art and photographer has become less of a focus of my career, but still an important part of my spirit. Recently, I have moved farther away from photography and picking up fine art where I can spend more time focusing on really taking time to look at my subjects in a different level of detail. It slows me down and I can enjoy the moment.



4 thoughts on “Stickler

  1. Please e-mail me regarding my daughter’s wedding on August 1, 2009. I tried your phone number but it has been disconnected.
    I would appreciate a phone number where you can be reached.

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