I have spent entirely too much time, money and energy trying to master my craft in marketing. As a public affairs expert, I felt that I knew everything that I needed about marketing. Well, the truth is that PR is about building relationships and branding perception and marketing is … well about sales and branding desire.

So what does any red blooded American do when he wants to learn? He goes to the Internet. When he still isn’t satisfied, he starts at one end of the Barnes & Noble shelf and works his way from A to Z.

After many hours of reading, I can honestly say that every marketing guru has accomplished one task common throughout every book: they were able to milk very simple statements into hundreds of pages of “blah blah blah.”

So I am going to help everyone out. I have distilled 12 marketing books to the important message you need to walk away with. Once you read the outline of the book, I hope that you save your money and just skip the book. Or–for those who like a challenge– go out and read the book and see if you didn’t walk away with the exact same concept.

The one point that you will NEVER see a marketer or advertiser mention is the most important aspect of business and the only one that salesman can’t control: that good businesses are founded on good products.

Brand Simple
By Allen Adamson

1.    What is your business strategy?
2.    What does your brand stand for?
3.    Can you deliver on the promise of the brand idea?
4.    “Search All towns, you’ll see no statues of committees” D. Ogilvy
5.    Don’t be all things to all people
6.    People should listen with their guts not their ears
By Tom Peters

1.    Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm. Technicolor words beget
Technicolor responses.
2.    Meaning not marketing
3.    Who are we (25 words or less)
4.    Three ways we are unique
5.    Dramatic Difference
6.    Ask, identify yourself, keep your word, talk it up, shrink it
down, “Verb” it, rehearse your message, be people.
Me, Inc.”
By Scott Ventrella

1.    QOL Index
a.    Relationship
b.    Health
c.    Spirit
d.    Emotion
e.    Intellectual stimulation
f.    Career achievement
g.    Finance
All Marketers are Liars
By Seth Godin

1.    First impressions are rarely made on first contact.
2.    People make judgments in a moment and resist change.
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less
By Milo Frank

1.    Have a one sentence premise that addresses the need of the
client with “what, who and how.”
2.    Have a hook
3.    Ask for the close


Cool Hunting
By P. Gloon

1.    Cool is defined as fun excellence.
2.    Cool provides for needs unrealized.

Let them Eat Cake
By Pamela Danzinger

1.    Old luxury is about stuff
2.    New luxury is about experience
3.    Products must deliver passion
4.    Exclusive is luxurious.

Instant Marketing for Almost Free
By Susan Benjiman

1.    By useful
2.    Be Smart
3.    Focus on the customer not the business
4.    Love at fifth sight.
By John Miller

“No excuses—everything is your fault. Fix it!”
“Flipping the Switch”
By Jo Miller

1.    Bad attitudes hurt business
2.    Take responsibility
3.    Positive thinking helps creativity
4.    Do for others what we don’t have to.
5.    By trustworthy.
“Secrets of Great Rainmakers”
By Jeff Fox

1.    Rainmakers have no competitors. You can’t control the
market—just you inside of it.
2.    You can’t sell beer sitting at your desk. You have to get out there.
3.    Remove price from the vocabulary.

By Brian Tracy

1.    Don’t blame others
2.    Responsibility, control, happiness are a relationship triangle
where each effects the other.
3.    Set deadlines and keep them
4.    Identify detractors and remove them.